eMPATIX ERP software is a flexible ERP  system that gives full access to your Production/Projects/Booking activity, with high security weather you are on the office, home, in the car or at the hotel.

You can use eMPATIX ERP with both mobile phones and PCs. No software to install.

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The eMPATIX Delivery module focuses on key areas like operating costs, user interface, online order handling, documentation, customer service, revenue and overall work processes.

The courier (car, motor) accesses and edit order/delivery details on his Mobile phone.

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eMPATIX Hotel Management and Reservation Software is  to accommodate the needs of various types of properties like hotels, motels, resorts, villas, small hotel, hostel and apartments.

eMPATIX is the most modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover property management within Hospitality service.

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Some of the information can be used in the logistics concerning packing and shipment of the products, such as, for example, height,width, weight, layers per pallet, number of units per layer, position, stock location etc.
eMPATIX Production software is a flexible module that can be further customized based on customers need. eMPATIX Production is integrated with Customer, Product, Delivery, Booking, Project management, Timekeeping and Accounting software modules. Our software solutions are easy in use, stable, do not require special training and at the same time provides secure and scalable architecture for you company. The production order will consist several components.
eMPATIX eCommerce Mobile Basket The most integrated eCommerce platformThe success of eCommerce requires a seamless integration with your ERP software. eMPATIX offers the most integrated eCommerce platform on the market. eMPATIX eCommerce is fully integrated with eMPATIX ERP and eMPATIX CMS. It uses the same picture, same customer base, same products, and same order; yes, it is a skin outside the ERP solution.